2015 - ongoing (the vortex never ends) / new age pamphlet, performance

Vortex is a new age pamphlet written by Adrian Pijoan and published by the Institute for Aesthetics, Metaphysics, and the Paranormal.

Forward from the first edition:

πŸŒ€ πŸŒ€ πŸŒ€

"This text will instruct you on the creation and use of vortexes. It will guide you through the process of reorienting energy from a chaotic state into a state of organization. While providing these instructions this text will also demystify and clear up some confusion and common misconceptions surrounding the topic of vortexes.

The vortex is a simple concept, so universal that its power could easily be taken for granted. You will learn to recognize the vortex as a fundamental form within the universe without looking to the form itself for special significance.

This text will showcase some of our activities at the Institute for Aesthetics, Metaphysics, and the Paranormal. We hope that passing along this knowledge will help to elucidate some larger issues beyond the scope of the topic at hand.

In addition to these writings there are illustrations and some stories from the author’s experiences to provide further clarification on the issues presented in the following pages.

From chaos order emerges and then dissolves back into chaos."

πŸŒ€ πŸŒ€ πŸŒ€

The first edition was circulated to a hand-picked group of six individuals who performed the ritual described within the text concurrently. A second edition was available during HOLOGRAPHIC. The images below are from the individuals who participated in the first VORTEX experiment. The images are parts of their VORTEX experience that they chose to share with me.

Cover of VORTEX by Adrian Pijoan

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