Holographic was the culmination of two years worth of research and experimentation exploring the possibility that I have been abducted by aliens. During my three years in New Mexico I attended monthly meetings of the New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum in addition to many other meetings and conferences on subjects such as ufology and Bigfoot. These meetings eventually led to me investigating strange occurrences from my childhood onwards through regression hypnosis.

"The smell of burning metal. Lights so bright it hurts to look at them. Silhouettes burned against the lights. Long fingers grabbing and pulling me into the darkness. A bag filled with warm liquid like Jell-O. A waterfall of liquid light. One moment I was eating dinner the next moment I am here, a million miles away."

Holographic was also my MFA thesis show for my MFA in Art and Ecology. It ran from April 1 (FOOL’S DAY) through April 17, 2016 at the Sanitary Tortilla Factory in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Adrian Pijoan, Holographic

Adrian Pijoan, UFO Moon Animated GIF

Adrian Pijoan, Holographic Posters

Adrian Pijoan, Vortex Sculpture

Adrian Pijoan, Waterfall of Liquid Light

Adrian Pijoan, Sharp Metal Digital Drawing

Adrian Pijoan, Inside the UFO

Adrian Pijoan, Abduction Pillow

Adrian Pijoan

Adrian Pijoan, Holographic Exhibition Flier

My public MFA thesis defense consisted of a group hypnosis session with my MFA committee and members of the public. Video documentation and flier below:


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