Adrian Manuel Pijoan

Artist Statement

In my transmedia practice I investigate locations in what I call the paranormal landscape -- places like UFO crash sites, haunted hotels, Bigfoot sighting hotspots, and energy vortexes. I examine how conspiracy culture and stories of mysterious events and urban legends disseminate through communities both online and offline, and why people are drawn to these beliefs. Truth or fiction, these stories are a form of contemporary folklore inextricably tied to the landscape. Recently I have also begun to examine the way that these fringe content subcultures exist on the contemporary internet and interact with Big Tech algorithms and censorship.

Below are ten works that I feel represent my practice over the last several years. Please click on any image to learn more. Links to digital installations and full videos are provided as well.


Terry's Conspiracy Corkboard 01

01. Dreaming of Alpha Draconis

Browser-based installation and four channel video, 2020

☇ Visit the full installation at De:Formal Gallery

Interdimensional Travel is Possible animated gif
The Astral Castle animated gif
Inhabitants animated gif
Water on Mars animated gif
Desert Dream animated gif
Dr. Howard and the Face on Mars animated gif
Giant Rock UFO Airport animated gif
Tobor is Necessary for Space Travel aniamted gif
The Face on Mars animated gif

02. Dr. Howard's Voyage to the Astral Plane with ETs and the Face on Mars (GIF installation view)

Nine channel video, animated GIFs, 2020

☇ View the full video on YouTube.

Albuquerque Remote Viewing by Adrian Pijoan

03. Albuquerque Remote Viewing

Animated GIFs, net art, and archival print on Fujicolor metallic paper, 2021

UFO Dream Animation

04. UFO Dream (excerpt)

AI generated imagery and animation, 2021

Still from Visions of Homeworld

05. Visions of Homeworld

single channel video, 5:10, 2021

☇ View the full video on YouTube.

Dr. Howard on Tikaboo Peak

06. Alien Hour

YouTube Channel, video, performance, 2018 - ongoing

☇ Visit the Alien Hour YouTube channel here.

07. Encuentro Extraterrestre

Performance and poster, Espacio Escultórico UNAM, 2019

08. Luminoso y Plasmático

Single channel video, photographs, 2018

☇ View the full video on YouTube.

Mutilated Cattle Discovered in Dulce Area

09. Why Aliens Have Such a Beef with Our Cows

Digital paintings and article for Contra Viento Journal, 2020

☇ Read the full article at Contra Viento.

Take Me installed at the KiMo Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico

10. Take Me

Public art installation, neon signs, LED signs, interactive phone number with embedded narrative, 2019 - ongoing

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