Paranormal Landscapes

Ongoing // photographs

I’ve always loved UFOs, Bigfoot, and other paranormal phenomena. When I moved to New Mexico in 2013 for grad school I had a chance encounter with the local UFO group within the first week of being there. It was fate, and the rest is history that can be seen across this website.

The more I look into these phenomena, the more I see them as a form of contemporary folklore. These stories represent deeply held beliefs for many people, a lens through which to see the world. The stories tend to be deeply tied to specific places, and the places where famous paranormal events happened become pilgrimage sites and places to build monuments.

The Paranormal Landscape is loving documentation of the landscapes, culture, tourism, and monuments that grow around encounters with the unknown.

Roswell UFO Crash Site

Sign for the Little A'Le'Inn

Cow sign on the Extraterrestrial Highway

Area 51 Research Center

Alien head wearing an American flag bandana at Alien Fresh Jerky

UFO McDonalds in Roswell, NM

Area 51 Gate

Stars over Tikaboo Peak Nevada

Coyote's Flying Suacer Repair

alien inside of a UFO

ET Helados Chilca Peru

Punta Yaya Chila Peru

Clouds in Marcahuasi Peru

Monument to Humanity in Marcahuasi Peru

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